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Pirated Book on Tibetan Dzi Bead?

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Pirated Book on Tibetan Dzi Bead?Pirated Book on Tibetan Dzi Bead?

If you are a big fan of Tibetan dzi beads, most likely you knew about this book - The Gzi Beads of Tibet - written by the expert LIN TUNG-KUANG from Taiwan, printed in 2001  (The first version was in 1997, Chinese only)This book was and still is the best materials & references on AUTHENTIC OLD/ PURE dzi beads, divided into 32 sections, all written in BOTH ENGLISH and traditional CHINESE.

Early this year, I found there was a new book on Tibetan Dzi Bead by Mr. Lin Tung-Kuang, priced at RMB 199.00. The book is in Chinese only. The direct translation for the title of this book is "Dzi Bead - Collection and Appreciation".

Strange enough, only websites from China selling this book; you can find it at jd.com, dangdang.com, taobao.com and even amazon.cn. This book was and still not available from Taiwan book stores like books.com.tw and hanniew.com. One of them replied my email that they will not carry this book. 

I continued to search for more information on this book and here are some interesting facts... [...]

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A Look At Broken Dzi Beads

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Sometimes I received emails from buyers that the dzi beads they purchased have broken into pieces and what should they do with the beads. There are also website visitors asking about they found someone selling broken dzi beads and should or should not they buy such beads.

In fact, in Tibet, broken dzi beads can be "repaired" by glue together the broken pieces if available.  [...]

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Celebrities with Tibetan Dzi Beads

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I started to trade Tibetan dzi beads many years ago and since then I have collected many information regarding this mysterious bead from online and offline.

Here are some photos on international celebrities wearing Tibetan dzi beads.

1) I first saw Sting wearing a vertical nine eye dzi bead many years ago from Internet. You can easily find many of his photos with this bead from internet.

Sting wtih nine eye dzi bead necklaceSting with nine eye dzi bead [...]

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Tibetan Fashion with Dzi Beads

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Tibetan fashion has a strong connection with the people and climate of the “Roof of the World”, reflecting the history of the local Tibetan people. Here is a collection of Tibetan fashion with dzi beads.

tibetan fashion dzi bead [...]

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Meanings of Dzi Beads in Japanese Language

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Monday, 16 November 2009 19:21

1. 一眼天珠 (いちがんてんじゅ)大願成就・蓄財富貴・福運招来・家運隆盛

2. 二眼天珠 (にがんてんじゅ)夫婦円満・恋愛成就・商売繁盛・事業成功

3. 三眼天珠(さんがんてんじゅ)幸運招来・金運獲得・発財高揚・延命長寿
「福・禄・寿」---つまり、幸せとお金と長寿を叶える天珠。この天珠は密教の財神を象徴し、財運を高めるパワーもある。 [...]

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