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Dzi Beads

Meanings of Dzi Beads in English

1. One-Eyed Dzi The bead of Light; enabled better thinking process and improved wisdoms.

2. Double-Eyed Dzi Enabled harmony between husband and wife, build a happy family, successful career and good relationship with others.

3. Three-Eyed Dzi Represents the three stars of luck: happiness, honor and longevity. It is the bead of wealth and health to bring continuous fortunes.  Also known as the God of Wealth (Zambala) in esoteric doctrine.

4. Four-Eyed Dzi Represents Avalokiteśvara,Mañjuśrī, Ksitigarbha, and Samantabhadra; the four great Bodhisattvas, scattering and destroying all hindrances for the wearer.

5. Five-Eyed Dzi Blessing by Kuvera, the god of wealth, for continuous fortunes and longevity, perfect and good luck, endless of happiness.

6. Six-Eyed Dzi Restores the physiological functions of the viscera and bodily strength, release from the suffering of the six ways of sentient existence(Samsara),  to remove (by magic, prayer, incantation) impending ill fortune, represents increment of fortunes.

7. Seven-Eyed Dzi Perfection in every aspect of life: good fate, good name, career, fortune, health, long life and marriage.

8. Eight-Eyed Dzi Doing well and complete in everything, venerable and wealthy, protected by Eight Auspicious Signs. Avoids influences by the eight groups of demon-followers and enter the eightfold noble path.

9. Nine-Eyed Dzi Accumulation of meritorious virtue, increases compassionate, separates from suffering and obtains happiness, escapes from the human world of woes and finds salvation, resplendent authorities and gains advantages.

10. Ten-Eyed Dzi Removes all karmic hindrances, increases respect-inspiring virtue, live a joyful life and perfect in every way.

11. Eleven-Eyed Dzi Represents the five Dhyani Buddhas and the Brilliant Mantra of Six Words, accumulates blessedness and wisdoms and dispels calamities.

12. Twelve-Eyed Dzi Represents the twelve divine generals mentioned in the sutra of Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajya); accumulation of honor, power and influence.

13. Thirteen-Eyed Dzi Represents the five Dhyani Buddhas and Eight Auspicious Signs; the body and mind always at ease, unafraid and march forward courageously to achieve the highest level of the conduct.

14. Fifteen-Eyed Dzi Represents the Seven Treasures and the Eight Dharmas, aids and blesses by Devas to achieve all wishes.

15. Twenty One-Eyed Dzi Increases the power of Buddha-truth, achieves all one's wishes, integrated with the nature and reaches the highest Poetic level, the Mahayana. 

16. Dragon-Eyed Dzi The most superior Dzi. The Naga represents the chief of the scaly reptiles, regarded as beneficent. Nagas are titles of a Buddha and of those freed from reincarnation.  The six dragon eyes represent the Brilliant Mantra of Six Words: “OM MANI PADME HUM”. Used for self-cultivation, protection, avoiding māras and heretics. Best for creating lucks and improving Feng Shui. 

17. Dzi with Unusual Pattern Believed to have unique power to do away with calamities and subdue evil. 

18. Dzi with Heaven-and-Earth Motif The “○” represents Heaven and the “□” represents Earth, balances of Ying and Yang, gaining fortune and eliminating obstacles. This category consists of Heaven-and-Earth Motif and Double Heaven-and-Earth Motif, which is more superb. Businessmen are particularly fond of them because they believe that wearing such Dzi brings great wealth and prosperity. 

19. Dzi with Precious Bottle Motif Averting misfortune, fulfilling meritorious virtue, accumulating wealth, improving health and gaining longevity. 

20. Dzi with Lotus Motif Enabled shaper body and purified mental vision, to be delighted by others. It is very popular and precious in Tibet. 

21. Dzi with Wave Motif Represents continuous and endless fortunes, supports by benefactor, to be prosperous for a lifetime. 

22. Longevity Dzi Long life. It was discovered in India 550B.C. 

23. Guan Yin Dzi The Goddess of Mercy, the observer of the sights and sounds of the world as well as the observer of the ultimate nature of things. Saving living beings, breaking sorrows and defilements, learning all Dharma doors and achieving highest Buddha hood. 

24. Dzi with Peak Motif Backing the wearer to handle administrative affairs, go forward courageously and fearlessly 

25. Dzi with Guru Rinpoche’s Dharma Cap Motif One of the three Dharma Masters in Tibet, representing blessedness and wisdom, power and reputation.

26. Dzi with Guru Rinpoche’s Ritual Paraphernalia Motif The implement of esoteric. Subduing demons and expelling evil obstructions. Greatly improve the concentration of meditation, reaching the ultimate beyond emotion or thinking.

27. Dzi with Dorje Motif The implement of esoteric. Dorje is among the paraphernalia used for subduing demons.

28.   Dzi with Four Homas Homa of Peace (○), preventing calamities, averting misfortune and eliminating obstacles; Homa of Development (□), prospering business, multiplying wealth, gaining fortune and wisdom; Homa of Perfection (‚), improving health, perfecting relationship and building leadership; Homa of Force (△), warding off harmful forces, subjugating demons and expelling evil obstructions.

29. Dzi with Mani-Jewel Motif A magical jewel, which manifests whatever one’s wishes for. According to one's desires, treasures, clothing and food can be manifested, while sickness and suffering can be removed, water can be purified, etc. It is a metaphor for the teachings and virtues of the Buddha.

30. Dzi with Fortune and Longevity Motif Gaining both fortune and longevity.

31. Five Fortunes Dzi Fulfilling accomplishments, longevity, health, wealth and marriage, everything going very well.

32.   Dzi with Ying-and-Yang Motif Balances the Ying and Yang at the surrounding, turn bad luck into good.

33. Dzi with Bodhi Motif Apprehension of reality. Enlightenment, selfless compassion of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, where self-benefit is fully abandoned for the sake of saving all sentient beings.

34. Dzi with Six Eyed Vajra Tiger-Tooth Motif The efficacious amulet. Preventing calamities and averting misfortune. The tiger-tooth motif is believed to have the power of subduing. Tibetan Buddhism believes it could help salvation through the complete removal of the obstruction of illusion.

35. Dzi with Water Lotus Motif Enabled the purifying of mental vision and enhanced buddhata (the Buddha-nature).

36. Three Colors Striped Dzi Prosperous for a lifetime turns bad lucks to good, make wishes into reality.

37. Bhaisajya Bead The prayer beads of Medicine Buddha, used for esoteric ceremonial, protecting body from serious illness.

38. Divine-Eyed Dzi According to Buddhist text, Five Eyes are Human Eye, Divine Eye, Wisdom Eye, Dharma Eye and Buddha Eye. This bead is essential for esoteric ceremonial.

39.   The Great Personage Dzi Arouses the spirit of the wearer to make a vigorous fight to succeed, abolishes karmic obstruction and achieves ones’ dreams.

40. Goat’s-eye Dzi LUMIK – Traditional Tibetan amulet.  Preventing calamities and prospering the wearer.

41. Carnelian Dzi Improves blood circulation, an efficacious amulet.

42. Dzi with Tiger-tooth Motif Represents toughness and strength, removes obstacles and achieves success.  Preventing calamities, averting misfortune, prospering business, multiplying wealth and improving health.

43. Lighting Five-eyed Dzi Confers and uphold by the strength of the five Dhyani Buddhas, continuously advancing in the career, gaining unlimited fortunes and good luck.

44. Dzi with Garuda Motif One of the sources of Dzi.  Preventing calamities and prospering the wearer.

45. Qilin Dzi Represents auspicious, preying for the prosperity of new generations.  Compassionate, auspicious and wisdoms.

46. Dzi with Sun-and-Moon Motif Represents impartial, candid, openhearted, doing what is most appropriate, ordained in nature (moral obligations, eternal principles, etc.);

47. Dzi with Universe Motif Confers and uphold by the strength of supernatural power, increases fortune and lucks.

48. Dzi with Golden (Money) Hook Motif   Bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner, enhance owner’s ability to accumulate wealth. Ensure that the wealth will be retained within owner's control and not slip away.

49.  Mahakala (Gonpo) Dzi Bead Pacify sickness, hindrances and troubles; Increases life qualities and wisdom; Attracts and obtains wearer’s needs; Destroys confusion, doubt and ignorance.

50.  Saraswati/Benzaiten Dzi Bead Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japan; bestowing monetary fortune, protector-deity and enhance carrer luck.

51. Dragon God Dzi Bead  Dragon is the symbol of Chinese Emperor and representing accumulation of power, wealth, prosperity. Best for creating lucks and improving Feng Shui. It is an alternative to the superial Dragon Eyed dzi bead.


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