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How To Open and Close Chinese Knot Bracelet

Recently I received email from a buyer on how to wear the Chinese knot bracelet. The customer does not know how to wear the bracelet after received the item. Yes, this type of knot can be new to many people. So I would like to come out with a simple guide on how to open and close the knot bracelet. Here we go:

So this is the sample bracelet with Chinese knot that you receive. 


Now you want to wear the bracelet. So use one hand to hold the middle part of the bracelet, then another hand hold the last bead and pull the bead away from middle part. 

Repeat this action for last bead at another end. 

So now the knot bracelet is fully opened. It can fit wrist size of 6 to 7 inches. 

So now wear the bracelet. 

To close the bracelet, now, pull one of the dangling beads to lock at one end. 

Repeat this action for another dangling bead to fully lock the bracelet and fit your wrist size. If this type of knot is new to you, you might need help from another person to complete these actions.

Hey, now you are wearing the beautiful Chinese knot bracelet! :) 

Thank you.

Tan Chin Hock



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